About Kristof Photography

About Kristof Photography


Since he was a young boy, a camera has never been far away from Kristof’s hand. His love of his work shows in every photograph he takes, and his use of light and passion for night shots is breathtaking. Kristof has a very natural and romantic way of photographing your wedding day to capture its true essence, hence each wedding he shoots is different. Making sure that you look natural and not strained is at the heart of his work. This is done by working in an unobtrusive way, capturing those special moments, and turning them into images that you would not believe possible.

It is never easy being the centre of attention, but Kristof and his wife and business partner, Trish, pride themselves on helping people to feel at ease and behave naturally whilst being photographed.

They have a relaxed attitude, allowing the day to progress naturally, yet are able to capture every moment of the exciting day. Their easiness with the bridal couple and guests becomes evident when you look at Kristof’s photographs.

His photographs are an amazing combination of the natural beauty, which only comes from being at ease, and the timeless elegance of a wedding day. Kristof and Trish spend a lot of time getting to know the bride and groom, understanding exactly what kind of wedding is planned and what kind of photographs the couple and family want. Every wedding is unique and it takes a professional such as Kristof to capture every detail and emotion of the day. From the anxious look on a groom’s face as he awaits his bride to the joy on her face when she first sees him. And then the relief on their faces when their day is over and they know that it has been perfect.

“Every wedding is so special to us. Many a time I have shed a tear of joy watching our couples’ wedding day unfold, “says Trish.

“It really is such an honour for us to share this special day with them. It’s all about the emotion of the day and we are both there to capture it all”.

"Timeless Images with Love, Commitment and Passion"